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Facial Abuse Porn Video : Tiffany Kohl

Although she showed up to our studio with only a carry-on bag, Tiffany Kohl brought much more emotional baggage. Someone has step mommy issues. Anyway, Tiffany isn't the typical girl you'd see on our couch. She belongs on a couch, alright... but it should be for someone who is trying to help her with her problems... not fine folks like us who couldn't care less about her stupid problems. All we want to see is her inhale hard cocks down her stupid throat. Oh... and that she did. Sad Tiffany cried all the way through the face fucking. Talk about massive boner material... this is the jackpot! This scene has intensity like the old Duke Skywalker days! We're bringing back the misery!!! It doesn't stop there, though! Watch her sweet bald cunt gets stuffed by hung meat missiles... tearing her cunt apart. She's never been fucked like this. Two loads to the face and spoon feeding the bitch jizz at the end. What can we say... it's amazing!

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